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In 2010 after graduating in Fine Arts and Theater Studies I moved to Berlin to start my Master in Art Therapy, as healing was the path i wanted to follow. Dharma decided instead, that i would spend 5 years designing clothes and accesories as a form of expression. But there was something missing.

Working with my body....

So i wished that the truth was revealed to me.

And it did.

I discovered the power of yoga, meditation and eastern philosophy and one day Kundalini stole my heart.I participated in the International Kundalini Yoga Training - Aquarian Teacher from the Karam Kriya School, I am now a yoga teacher certified by The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), in Berlin - Germany. Now I am as well a Tibetean Singing Bowls - Sound Healing Trainer.

In my practice I aim to teach others the power of self discipline and love, the treasure that the body is, the healing and powerful results of breathing techniques. and the magic that meditation and creative proyections of the mind through sounds MAN -TRAS, can bring to our lives.

Now I share my powerful energy to uplift others.

Now i can teach what has made me happier and healthier.

We are beautiful divine machines that only when treated right, with good storage, cleaned, and battery loaded , can we connect to the Mother Source.

When better than Now?